Sabbats and Sabbaths is a place to explore the connections between Pagan and Christian spirituality.  The goal is bridge-building, not proving who is “right.”  There is much we can learn from one another as we work together to heal our world.  Comments will be monitored and I will not tolerate any hate speech on this site.

I have tried my best to provide accurate and well researched information on Sabbats and Sabbaths, but I’m human.  If you have any corrections or ways I can improve what I’ve shared on this blog, let me know. I also invite you to submit an article that can add to the body of knowledge I hope to collect here.

I am a follower of Jesus, myself, but my life and spirituality have been enriched by friends and colleagues who follow many different religious paths such as Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and Wicca.  If you are open to learning from spiritual traditions other than your own, this site just might be what you’re looking for!

Blessed be and Amen! David Taliesin

You can contact me via e-mail: comments@sabbatsandsabbaths.com or through my Facebook author page www.facebook.com/davidtaliesinauthor

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  1. Patrick Brezenski says:

    I’m so happy for finding this website! Thank you!! Bright Blessings!!!


  2. I agree that the traditions can learn from each other and frequently have much more in common than most people even realize. Blessed Be 🙂

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  3. Shawn L says:

    Just moved to the AVL area and found this site through an upcoming event. I used to consider myself a ChristoPagan but have left the Christo part behind for several years now. I’m glad 5o have found this site and hopefully will be able to find more like minded individuals in the area who I could get to know and perhaps work with!

    Blessed Be!


  4. I’m so excited about finding this site. I’m a budding Christo-pagan and am trying to put together a Book of Shadows. It’s not an easy thing for someone embracing both sides, and I think I’ll get lots of help here. Thanks so much!


  5. Joseph E says:

    So I am located in the SF Bay area. Too bad there is nothing close to me that would be similar to this?If you know of something, or have some suggestions that would be awesome. Thanks, J


    • I wish I was familiar with your area. Check with your local metaphysical/pagan bookstore. They might be able to steer you in the right direction.


      • Joseph E says:

        Thank you. They probably do not know of something on your order, or wherein you a tying things in together. Generally they may just be typically pagan, neopagan or other which would encompass dark arts. Not really interested in any of those.


      • That’s why I’m doing the work I’m doing online. I can make some recommendations for reading if you’re interested. I haven’t update my reading list on the blog in a while. The Christian mystic tradition yields some interesting results such as the Essenes who had lots of knowledge of medicinal plants. Writing wise, there are wonderful passages in the Essene Gospel of Peace that paint Jesus in a different light. There are 4 books and you can find them in pdf form online.


      • Joseph E says:

        Sure that would be more in line with what I am thinking.


  6. Joseph E says:

    Now the only issue I would have with their teachings is that they were Jews, not that there is anything wrong with that, but I am not. Nor do they believe in bodily resurrection or spirit, and I do. Do you have any other suggestions? I am a Mystic and believe in being a Christian Mystic. Is hoodoo part of this as well? Thanks.


    • You may want to consider the Christian Spiritualist Tradition but it is definitely a more formal way of doing magic. Catherine Yronwode is a good place to start.


      • Joseph E says:

        Thank you, I will check that out and from time to time check your site. The Spiritualist and the Christian Spiritualist does not seem to resonate with me either. I am a strange duck. You and I probably share some similar thoughts and background I am thinking.


      • My approach is very eclectic. I’m combine different traditions very freely which will not come as a surprise as you read my posts. I always tell my students to put in their spiritual backpacks whatever works for them and leave the rest at the side of the road for others to find and use. Best of luck!


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