Web Links

Argante’s Well – Blog of a Christian Witch.

Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine – They have two excellent on-line course in herbal medicine preparation.

Essene Gospel of Peace, Books 1-4 – A fascinating read even if most mainline scholars consider it to be written much later than the Essene community.

The Gnosis Archive – Links to Gnostic texts.

Missionary Independent Spiritual Church – Christian hoodoo and candle magic in the Spiritualist tradition.

My Village Witch – Blog of “Appalachian Witchery.”

Open English Bible – A completely copyright free modern English translation of the Bible.

Realistic Living – Alternative Form of Christianity.

Sacred Texts Archive – An astonishing archive of sacred texts from many faith traditions.

Season of Creation – An alternative lectionary for Christian communities who wish to explore their connection to creation more deeply. Ties in the the Revised Common Lectionary.

The Wild Hunt: A Modern Pagan Perspective

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