Coming Out of the Broom Closet

broom-closetYesterday I attended a seminar on “traditional witchcraft” that was quite interesting.  In some ways, it was a reinforcement of what my Wiccan teachers have taught me.  In other ways, it was different.  In the midst of the presentation I asked if grounding and centering were a part of the tradition the teacher came from.  I told her for me it was the most important thing we can do since the working of magic is more about will, intent and focus rather than any of the physical tools we use such as wands and athames.  She asked me a counter-question and I outed myself as a Christian witch, i.e. a Christian who works with the energies of nature and the Divine Presence in order to promote healing in the lives of others.

She was very receptive to my presence in the class and totally got where I was coming from. But I noticed another individual in attendance who completely withdrew into her self.  It was obviously that Christianity was a painful subject for her and my presence there was stressful for her.  Her eyes were focused downward from that moment on.  Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to speak to her afterward but the experience reminded me of how much work we have to do to promote understanding and healing between Christians and Pagans.

Coming out of the closet as a “Christian witch” creates some uneasiness on both sides. Some Christians think I’ve booked a ticket on the express train to hell.  Little do they know that Christianity has a long history of people who have worked with spells, amulets, herbs, etc. as a part of their spiritual practice.  Many of these Christian healers have practiced their craft in secret for obvious reasons. Others were the ones everyone in the village went to when they need help.  Some suffered the same fate as their Pagan neighbors during the burning times.

Some Pagans also mistrust me because they have been treated harshly by Christianity in general, and individual Christians in particular.  I totally understand their reluctance but hope they will give me a chance to prove I’m their ally.  Once they get to know me they will see I have a deep respect for their religious beliefs and practices.  I sometimes feel more at home with them than I do with other Christians!

So there.  I’ve said it!  I’m a Christian.  I’m a witch. I have a profoundly deep connection to Jesus and Sophia as well as the Unnamable who created us all.  I also cast circles, call the quarters and use magic to do positive healing work on behalf of others and the earth.  My houses of worship are both the church and the majestic mountains where I live.  I am a spiritual eclectic who has incorporated into my personal spiritual path practices from a number of traditions including Christianity, Wicca and Buddhism.  I refuse to be defined by one faith over the others and appreciate what each tradition has taught me about the Divine Presence.

My goal on this blog is to lift up the connections I see between Christianity and Paganism, as well as try to rediscover some of the Christian Ancient Ones who may not have called themselves witches, but they were witches nonetheless.  I hope you’ll join me on this journey of discovery.  Blessed be and Amen!

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My name is David Taliesin. I'm an writer, teacher and retreat leader who explores the connections between Christian and Pagan Spirituality. E-mail me with any personal comments you'd like to share and I will do my best to answer them. You can also contact me through my Facebook page
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13 Responses to Coming Out of the Broom Closet

  1. faewitch says:

    Fantastic article. I love this entry. I’m an eclectic witch maybe wiccan. I also have a youtube channel and did a video on this. I talked about Christians who can be hurtful towards wiccans but not all are. I discussed that I found a Christian couldn’t also be a wiccan as in the religion due to contradiction but a Christian can easily be a witch as in the practice and craft. I discussed that we as pagans should not equally judge those when we plea so eagerly to not be judged ourselves as we utilise various religions in our practice such as buddhism. Who are we therefore to judge a witch who doesn’t practice the wiccan religion but utilise the Christian faith instead. I am not from a religious background so maybe I am more open minded. But we should be sticking together. The only thing I’m against is judgment on all parts and those who force religion on you every one is entitled to find their own story. Blessings xx

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    • While I do not consider myself a Wiccan, I have learned a great deal from the Wiccan faith and it informs and empowers my magical work. I do invoke Jesus and Sophia in my healing work as well as the Great Mystery many Christians refer to as “God.” But Brigid is also among those whom I ask for help. Her incorporation into the saints of the Christian Church is interesting indeed. You can read about it elsewhere on my blog. Blessed be!


  2. faewitch says:

    Hello I did a video on my youtube discussing this and you may find it interesting. I generally dicuss that no one has a right to judge. Have a look

    Blessings xx


    • Thanks. I’ll take a look at the video.


    • LOVE the video. I think you “get” me pretty well. The teachings of Jesus inform my practice of the Craft, especially the dual commands to love God and neighbor. Jesus was a healer and so were the early disciples. There are also the Essenes and the Gnostics who had a more mystical side the mainstream Christianity who tried to kill their teachings and traditions. Their writings speak to me powerfully. Thanks for having an open mind and I will continue to post more on this topic in the future!


  3. Andy says:

    You really must start on that book of yours. I for one would live to read it.

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  4. So proud of you, thank you for standing up as one of us that are bridge builders . blessed be


  5. Nancy says:

    I’ve only this year (and I’m about to turn 64) acknowledged to myself that I am what could be called a Christian witch. The Lord is at the center of my life, but I have profound connections to the natural world, and see it as a spiritual connection to Him. My Catholic friends would not approve and so I am silent on that. But, in Nature is where I feel most in tune with Him…when I work in my Garden, when I walk in the Woods, when I stand by the lakeshore, when I harvest my herbs and create something beautiful with them!
    Thank you for the validation…


  6. I figure it’s on a need to know basis. Most people would not understand the terminology “Christian witch” so I used it sparingly. Depending upon the situation I’ll say “I’ll pray for you” which I do but it means a whole lot more than just words. I also speak of energy work, especially in terms of healing, protection, grounding, etc. They know my work as an herbalist but only see the medicinal side of it. I don’t think it’s being dishonest. It’s telling them what I do in language that they understand. Does that make sense? I test the waters and go from there. I also refer to myself as a Christian mystic which is what I am as well. Blessings on your spiritual journey!


  7. Morticia says:

    Good for you!! I am not at all Wiccan, but the whys and wherefore as to why not are not important, however, when people ask what religion I am, I tell them I am a “Neo-Pagan Christian”. This is usually met with wide eyes and then a lot of questions.
    I have always had a close connection to nature and Her animals and creatures and I follow the cycles of the Sun and Moon and thus, the seasons, yet I was raised Catholic.
    Catholicism and Christianity are, indeed, full of mysticism. The breastplate of judgment worn by the High Priest in the Bible is evidence of the use of “crystals’! It is about time this “bridge” is being built!
    Thank you for your site! Blessings to you and yours!


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