Season of Creation

SOC_logo_shadowFor those who belong to Christian faith communities, I have an interesting resource for those who are looking for an alternative to the Revised Common Lectionary (a three year series of appointed readings for worship). The Season of Creation is celebrated during the four Sundays in September prior to St Francis of Assisi Day (October 4). The sequence of readings for this season creates a liturgical pattern similar to that in the season of Advent. The readings are designed to provide a three-year cycle corresponding broadly to the years of Matthew, Mark and Luke in the Revised Common Lectionary.

The sequence of readings in each series follows a broad pattern of creation, alienation, passion and new creation. The readings also give special attention to the story of Earth, which complements the story of God and the story of humanity in the Scriptures.

In 2016 we will be in Series C: Wisdom in Creation:

Sept 1—Creation Day
Sept 4–1st Sunday in Creation: Ocean Sunday
Sept 11–2nd Sunday in Creation: Fauna and Flora Sunday
Sept 18–3rd Sunday in Creation: Storm Sunday
Sept 25–4th Sunday in Creation: Cosmos Sunday
Oct 2—St Francis of Assisi Day: Blessing of the Animals

There are tons of resources on the web site that can be used as a part of this new liturgical season or as stand alone materials for worship. Some of the liturgies are beautiful and breath-taking and I am particularly fond of a new hymn text entitled Song of the Waters by Norman Habel. The Season of Creation began in the Lutheran Church in Australia but is now used by denominations across the globe.

Song of the Waters

Watch once more the windswept storm clouds;
Suddenly the sky has wings!
God has come to rain among us,
Giving hope to all dry things.
Sing a song of splashing waters,
Pulsing through the veins of Earth.

Taste the moisture of the morning,
Smoother than the best red wine;
Toast the lifeblood of the planet:
Here’s to God’s wild wet design!
Sing a song of flowing waters,
Pulsing through the veins of Earth.

View anew the dark blue ocean,
Whales cavorting, spraying foam;
God at play with deep sea monsters,
Feeling very much at home.
Sing a song of laughing waters,
Pulsing through the veins of Earth.

Feel the breath of God move softly,
Gentle mists that brush the skin;
Earth is breathing God’s own spirit,
Life renewed from deep within.
Sing a song of living waters,
Pulsing through the veins of Earth.
Words: © Norman Habel 2001
Melody: Praise my Soul the King of Heaven

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