Spirituaity Types, Part 2

In the previous post I talked about how different people experience the Holy. Once you can place yourself on the vertical line between MIND and HEART, and the horizontal line between MYSTERY and REVEALED, you end up on one of four quadrants. Here are the general characteristics of all four.


This is the least populated of the four quadrants. People join this quadrant tend to focus on issues of social justice, peace and human rights. They are not concerned as much with “the next life” and want the Divine to change the “here and now.” Folks in this quadrant will work diligently to bring about changes in society. Ex. Martin King Luther Jr.


In this quadrant, intellect is dominant. They generally feels that more education, study and insightful preaching is the way to spiritual enlightenment. Mental prayer leading to insight is the goal of meditation. They look outside of themselves for inspiration. Ex. St. Augustine


This is the most heavily populated quadrant. They want to “feel” their religion and are suspicious of religious doctrines and formulas. Worship/ritual and faith are seen as emotional experiences.Spiritual growth begins in the heart and is then reflected in outward action. Ex. Charles Wesley


This quadrant is typical of religious and monastic movements which are marked by a disciplined pursuit of an inner consciousness of the Divine.  They prefer to live a contemplative life away from the world. Intuition is dominant and feelings are primary. They desire much prayer, meditation and quiet time. Focus on the life beneath and beyond the outward and verbal.  Ex. Henri Nouwen

So, where do you find yourself in these four quadrants? The point of this exercise is that we need each other to form a complete picture of the Holy. The area you need to grow the most in is the quadrant that is diagonal from the one you most strongly identify with.  Ex 1’s need 3’s and 2’s need 4’s.

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