DIY: Spell Candles

My working theory is that magical people are also “crafty” people.  We like to harvest and dry our own herbs, when possible.  We enjoy making our own incense blends, sachets, magical oils, etc.  I’m sure there are “supermarket witches” out there, but many of us like to prayerfully/meditatively place our intentions/energy into every step of the creative process from the raw materials to the finished product.  I believe our magic is more powerful when we work with products made by our own hands.

If you’ve never tried making spell candles before, it’s a lot easier than you think.  I begin with honeycomb textured beeswax sheets which I buy from a farm that is dedicated to helping our bee population thrive.  In the pictures below I’m making healing candles so I chose light blue as the color of the beeswax.


I cut each sheet in half so I get two candles out of each sheet.  Then I take a blow dryer and soften the wax on the edge of the sheet for a few seconds.  (Don’t overdo it or you’ll have a mess!)  I press the wick gently but firmly into this softened wax.


Then I warm a small section of the sheet with the blow dryer and begin rolling the wax over the wick.  Make sure you do this tightly because if there are a lot of air pockets, the candle won’t burn correctly.


Here comes the fun part!  You can place either herbs or oils on the surface of the sheet in small amounts.  In this instance I’m using dried rue and yarrow which came from my garden.  Choose whatever is going to help your specific intention for the candle.  This is a prayerful process for me.  When using oil I make the sign of the cross on the surface of the wax sheet with my finger, saying “On earth as it is in heaven.”  One of my Wiccan friends, who taught me how to make these candles, draws a pentacle in a circle, saying “As above, so below.”  Do whatever feels right for you.


Then continue rolling up the candle until you reach the end of the wax sheet.  If you’re using herbs hold the blow dryer on the underside of the sheet so you don’t send your herbs flying all over the place!  If it’s a warm summer day I find that you can sometimes roll up the rest of the candle without applying any more heat.


When you’re finished rolling the beeswax sheet, heat the edge and press it into the candle to seal it!  Then take a moment to prayerfully dedicate the candle for its intended purpose.


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  1. love this, once I have an income again, to buy the stuff , I will do this!!!

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