What If…I’m Dreaming of a Green Christianity

jesustreeWhat if…Christians could let go of their need to be “right” and listen to the voices of other spiritual paths?  Is it possible for us to let go of our sacred cows and learn from others who also have deep connections to Spirit, community and creation? How would this change the way we practice our faith?

What if…our faith followed the cycles of the seasons instead of the liturgical calendar?  What if the teachings of Jesus were organized in a way that explored the themes of birth, growth, harvest, and rest?  How would this affect our role as stewards and caretakers of the planet?

What if…we could listen to the voices of minority groups of followers of Jesus whom mainstream Christianity tried to snuff out?  What do ancient Christians like the Gnostics and the Essenes have to teach us about Jesus that might add to what we already know?

What if…I’m asking some pretty big questions these days.  Some of my Christian friends would think I’ve lost my mind, but my spiritual life has been turbocharged by what I’ve learned from my Wiccan and Pagan friends. My connection to our Creator is more intimate and peaceful.  My relationship with the natural world is infinitely stronger and deeper. I now sense that everywhere I walk is Holy Ground, and my life will never be the same again.

Perhaps you’re a Christian and you’re reading this.  If traditional forms of Christianity are working for you; if they make you feel deeply connected to God and more loving toward your neighbor and creation then don’t change a thing!

If, however, traditional Christianity is snuffing the life out of you; if your faith feels like its only based on what you believe about God rather than on your relationship with God, then I want you to know you’re not alone.  There are lots of “seekers” out there who are longing for a more intimate connection to both the Eternal One and creation that traditional Christianity is not providing for them.

I’m not sure what to call my vision yet but, for lack of a better term, I’m dreaming of Green Christianity.  I envision an earth-based Path for followers of Jesus that is eclectic (draws from many sources), individual (recognizes that everyone experiences the Holy in their own unique way), and elemental (works with the energies of nature to promote healing and harmony).

My ultimate goal is to produce resources to help others who are interested in stretching their faith beyond the confines of traditional Christianity.  I plan to write a book that takes the teachings of Jesus (from the Bible and other sources) and places them on the Wheel of the Year. So far, the timing for this project has not been right but it will happen!

So, are you in?  Will you dream of a Green Christianity with me?  I know you’re out there, so don’t be afraid to let your green light shine!

Copyright © 2018 by David Taliesin, http://www.sabbatsandsabbaths.com

About David Taliesin

My name is David Taliesin. I'm an writer, teacher and retreat leader who explores the connections between Christian and Pagan Spirituality. E-mail me with any personal comments you'd like to share and I will do my best to answer them. You can also contact me through my Facebook page www.facebook.com/davidtaliesinauthor
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