Sharks Teeth Meditation

shark-teeth-2Last summer I was at the beach toward the end of a tropical storm. The guy who took my bags to my hotel room told me it was a good time to look for fossilized sharks teeth, so that’s what I did the next morning after the rain had stopped and the winds died down.

Unlike sea shells, which are much easier to spot, sharks teeth require a little more effort and patience. They are small and black and everyone who was on the beach looking for them has their own secret method for increasing their odds of finding them. Thankfully, everyone was willing to share their secret if you struck up a conversation with them!

The method that worked best for me was to go on the beach after high tide as the waves were receding. They are easier to spot as the waves are pulling back and you’re standing where the waves meet the shore. After I found my first tooth, I was hooked and spent part of every day of my vacation looking for these elusive fossils that are at least 10,000 years ago.

I turned the whole thing into a meditation exercise where I kept my focus on the shallow water, looking for these small black triangles to reveal themselves. I let go of any other thoughts that would drift through my mind and kept coming back to looking for the teeth.

After doing this for a while, I realized this was a great meditation exercise to train your brain to focus on your intended goal. If you are a practitioner of magic, focus is the most important tool you bring to your work. You can have all the props in the world to cast a spell, but if you cannot focus on what you’re trying to achieve, your magic will be ineffective.

So, next time you find yourself at the beach, give this meditation exercise a try. The added bonus is that you end up with a handful of ancient fossils you can use in your practice of the Craft. I keep them on my ancestor altar. Blessed be!

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