Heilung: Awakening My Viking Soul

So it appears my YouTube account knows me very well! In the right sidebar, it suggested that I listen to Heilung’s LIFA concert from Castlefest 2017. I clicked on the link, but nothing could emotionally and spiritually prepare me for what unfolded before my eyes. At first, I thought “What the hell is this?” But the moment Maria Franz started chanting, it was a done deal! Heilung had gained a new fan.

For those unfamiliar with the band, Heilug is German for “healing.” They describe their music as “amplified history from early medieval Europe,” and indeed it is. Most of their lyrics are based on texts and runic inscriptions from the Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Viking Age. These are set to everything from Maria’s ethereal chants to Kai Uwe Faust’s Tibetan throat singing growls. Percussion definitely propels many of the tracks and is a mix of electronic and natural beats. Everything is immaculately recorded and mixed by Danish producer Christopher Juul. It is a soundscape that is not to be missed.

On their web site they state “Any attempt to link the band with or bring their music into a modern political or religious context is pointless, since Heilung try to connect their listeners with a time before the coming of Christianity and modern political ideologies.” In other words, Heilug is something to be experienced, not analyzed. I find their music very grounding. It makes me feel deeply connected to my Germanic ancestors. I use it for meditation, general relaxation and while doing magic inside the sacred circle. It’s powerful, transformative stuff!

My favorite album of theirs is definitely FUTHA, which Heilung says channels the feminine energy of “old Icelandic poetry in which holy women chant magic spells and offer their blessings.” In contrast to this, OFNIR is a more masculine album whose lyrics are based on rune inscriptions from ancient weapons and armor. Kai Uwe Faust’s throat singing is prominent throughout.

Hopefully, I’ve peaked your interest in Heilung. It is a unique and transcendent listening experience.

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1 Response to Heilung: Awakening My Viking Soul

  1. Kellie Smith says:

    Will have to give them a listen as in need of something grounding thank you 😊


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